Volunteer Work

Volunteer Program

We take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. That’s why we provide 4 paid volunteer days for our employees. In the two years since we implemented our volunteer program we’ve logged hundreds of hours with some amazing conservation groups in the area, including:

Blue Water Baltimore

Blue Water Baltimore - Elysian Energy

Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities. We work with Blue Water Baltimore to help pot, water, move, and label plants for the Herring Run Nursery. The Herring Run Nursery grows and sells nearly 150 species of native trees and shrubs and 100 species of native flowers and grasses.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity - Elysian Energy

Habitat for Humanity builds houses that are simple, decent, and affordable for low-income families. We assist Habitat for Humanity in its building projects, contributing our unique insight into energy-efficient, sustainable housing. Habitat for Humanity provides no-profit, no interest loans to its beneficiary families within the U.S.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Clagett Farm

Clagett Farm - Elysian Energy

We help Clagett Farm use sustainable farming methods to raise a wide variety of organic vegetables that are provided for sale to the public. For 20 years Clagett Farm has provided free and reduced-price produce to people living in poverty and near-poverty in Washington, D.C.

Friends of Sligo Creek

Friends of Sligo Creek - Elysian EnergyFriends of Sligo Creek helps to restore the health, water quality, natural habitat, and ecological well-being of the Sligo Creek watershed. Sligo Creek flows eight miles through the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. The woods along the banks of Sligo Creek are crucial – both to the health of the stream and those who live close by. However, invasive vines have come in, killing mature trees and smothering saplings that must grow if the woods are to survive. Erosion of the creek’s banks and pollution are also important problems facing Sligo. We pull invasive species and fence in young native trees as part of our volunteer work.