Montgomery County Electrification Pilot

The Department of Environmental Protection in Montgomery County, MD., has selected Elysian Energy as its contractor for a residential electrification pilot beginning June 1, 2023. The pilot project is intended to supplement the Home Performance with Energy Star program that’s part of the statewide EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency program. The electrification pilot consists of a help desk for resident questions about electrification and direct incentives for qualifying electrification projects.

More information about the County’s Residential Electrification efforts is here.

Bottom line: Montgomery County wants to lower the barriers to decarbonizing your home through electrification!

We’re Here to Help

Call or e-mail with your electrification questions. We’re here to help, and the County has contracted with us to be your resource at no charge to you.

How Does It Work?

Read more about our approach here. The typical path involves:

  1. Contact the Electrification Help Desk
  2. Schedule an energy audit
  3. Audit and electrification assessment are completed (including a Manual-J load calculation if HVAC is involved)
  4. Choose among options to improve the performance of your home, including insulation and air sealing, and electrification of HVAC, water heater, stove and dryer
  5. Have work completed through Elysian Energy
  6. Receive applicable electrification direct incentives from the County at the point of sale, and utility rebates for insulation work in 6-8 weeks

We can work with a range of other scenarios, including where an energy audit and weatherization work have already been performed.

What’s Eligible?


  • Located in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Individually-metered utilities

Electric Utility Home Performance Programs


  • Must replace an fossil-fueled equivalent
  • Energy Star listed
ItemDirect Incentive
Ducted Heat Pump$1000
Mini-Split Heat Pump$2000
Cold-Climate Heat Pump$2500
Geothermal Heat Pump$2000
Heat Pump Water Heater$500
Electric Range/Cooktop$150
Electric Clothes Dryer$150
Whole House Surge Protector$200


  • Furnaces may not be retained in a dual-fuel configuration with a heat pump.
  • Manual-J load calculation required for Heat Pump installation

Getting started

To enroll in the Montgomery County Electrification Pilot or if you have any questions, simply contact us by phone at 301-830-5767 or email us at You can also sign up through Montgomery County by signing the Montgomery County Electrify Everything Pledge.