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Multifamily Energy Efficiency Services

Energy costs are the largest controllable cost in a multifamily building – often accounting for 25-35% of operating costs. Elysian Energy provides energy efficiency upgrades that save you money and improve your tenants’ comfort–all with an insane ROI.

Save Energy

Save Energy

For every 100 units we serve, conservative annual savings equal 1.25 MM gallons of water and $17,000 in lower electricity bills. We install $3,000-$5,000 worth of avoided material costs per every 100 units. Since May 2010, we’ve saved our clients over $3.5 Million in utility costs each year.

Lower your lighting costs with energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that use 75% less energy than incandescents.

Reduce water and energy usage 50% with faucet aerators. Less water usage means less water needs to be heated in your building.

Contribute to a more sustainable future. Last year our CO2 reductions were the equivalent of taking over 5,250 cars off the roads.

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Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Lead, carbon monoxide and moisture issues including mold and rot are issues we help your community identify early. Every member of our crew has energy audit training and can spot these issues for your maintenance staff.We include any safety information in our comprehensive report to property managers. Our lighting retrofits also serve to reduce the need for future preventative maintenance.

Reduce maintenance costs and improve the lifespan of your heating, cooling, and water systems.

We conduct Health & Safety checks in each unit and work with you to resolve any issues.

All of our auditors are BPI-Certified. Our crew has excellent insurance, and all of our installation products come with a warranty.

Add Value

Our Value Add

Since May 2010, Elysian Energy’s Multifamily department has retrofitted over 90 properties and 30,000 units. With over 20 active partnerships with property management companies, Elysian Energy is the region’s leader in energy retrofits.

Expect flexibility and speed. We can complete 50-70 units per day with one crew, and we have the capacity for multiple crews.

We provide a complimentary benchmarking alongside our work for your living spaces and common areas.

Our multifamily energy services have the added benefit of improving tenant comfort and occupancy rates.

Living Spaces

Resident Packages

Creating efficient living spaces is a win-win-win. You’ll decrease spending on utilities and maintenance. Your tenants will enjoy greater comfort and will have to replace their lighting up to ten times less frequently. And mother nature will thank you for it–for every 100 units we serve, annual savings equal 1.25 MM gallons of water.

Maryland properties may be eligible for the Quick Home Energy Check-up program, but we have options for other DMV properties with quick paybacks and high returns on investment. Contact us for more information.

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Common Areas

Residential unit energy usage is only one piece of your energy consumption.We evaluate your common area energy usage in hallways, lobby areas, and outdoor spaces, and gain a whole-system understanding of your commercial-size heating and cooling systems. Our common area evaluation and benchmarking analysis pinpoints energy saving opportunities and breaks them down by return-on-investment.

We also provide educational seminars for your building’s tenants to help them take advantage of behavioral practices that reduce their energy usage and improve their comfort.

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Return on Investment

We believe that investments in energy efficiency can save the world and save your wallet. The savings you can expect from multifamily energy efficiency are much greater than anything you could expect from a traditional investment vehicle.

The chart shows popular index returns for 2013 compared to returns for our different Multifamily packages.

*Comparisons are based on data from Yahoo! Finance. 

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Multifamily energy efficiency work is almost always eligible for some sort of incentive from government or utility programs. We have worked with utilities in DC,virginia, and Maryland including Pepco, BgE, Dominion, Potomac Edison, and others to help our clients get their maximum available rebates. We have also formed relationships with many municipalities, including the DC SEu in Washington, D.C., the City of Takoma Park, Montgomery County, and many others. You can assign your incentives to us, lower your initial cost, and improve your payback period.

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We offer three financial practices to suit your property’s needs.


Pay in full and begin earning a return on your investment on day one. Our average payback period is just 5 months.

25% Down

Pay 25% of the associated costs upfront and the remaining portion over time through utility savings. This plan cuts your payback period in half.

3rd Party Financing

We have several third-party financing partners who will invest in your energy savings and enjoy the associated return.

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