Sustainability Program

Our team makes “office sustainability” a high priority. We’ve adopted many measures that help us reduce our environmental footprint. Efforts range from the use of green vendors to recycling whenever possible to regulating water usage. With so many efficiency experts in the office, we’ve also made significant upgrades to our offices, using repurposed wood for our counters, no-VOC wall paint, sustainably manufactured furniture, and re-usable dish-ware. Of course, we use LED and CFL lighting throughout our offices, and low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators in our bathrooms and kitchen. Our Elysian Energy Green team helps keep our initiatives on track and regularly evaluates our environmental impact.

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Volunteer Program

We take our commitment to environmental sustainability and serving our community seriously. That’s why we provide 4 paid volunteer days for our employees. Our volunteer program began in 2011, and so far we’ve logged thousands of hours with some amazing conservation groups and charities in the area, including:

Blue Water Baltimore

Capital Area Foodbank

Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Clagett Farm

Friends of Sligo Creek