About Us

We enhance the built environment for a more sustainable future.

We provide Home Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Consulting

Elysian Energy is the region’s leading energy efficiency firm in DC, Baltimore and surrounding counties, providing high-value service to help you comfortably lower your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Our carefully chosen team of experienced HERS Raters, BPI Building Analysts, LEED AP consultants, and  Green Raters consistently provides a range of high-quality energy audits and other services to homeowners, building professionals and government agencies.

Thousands of homeowners and businesses have benefited from our expertise. Our clients often express their appreciation for our attentive, personalized service and our thorough explanations of energy efficiency strategies, sustainable materials, renewable technologies and carbon impact mitigation.

Choosing Elysian Energy means lower energy bills for your home or business, lower impact on the environment, and a more comfortable and valuable property.

Our Values

We believe in a triple bottom line: People > Planet > Profit. We believe in ongoing commitment to our community and our environment. If we tend carefully to the first two, we believe the third will take care of itself.

Improving Lives

We are passionate about creating positive change in people’s lives by improving the buildings in which we all live and work while reducing our impact on the natural environment.


We provide exceptional service that is professional, thorough, and on the cutting edge of energy efficient practices. “Is this the best we can do?” is our mantra before, during, and after our services.


We are committed to honesty, responsibility, accountability, and transparency in all of our practices.


We build and strengthen relationships by emphasizing collaboration with employees, stakeholders, and the communities in which we work.


We provide our clients with the highest level of energy advisement and improvements by utilizing our extensive experience, broad knowledge base, and continuous education for our team.