Our Team

Our Team

We are distinguished by the enthusiasm of our employees. Our empathy towards the concerns of peers and clients, intelligence for developing and understanding complex systems for energy efficiency solutions, and most importantly, passion for preserving the environment is what affects our direction. Our passion is contagious, inspiring our clients and each other! Our team consists of dozens of employees and partners lead by our managerial core:

Jim Conlon

Jim is the owner and founder of Elysian Energy. He first conceived Elysian Energy while working as a researcher and intern at the American Council on Renewable Energy. He founded the company in 2007 and has overseen its growth to over 35 employees working across a variety of energy efficiency sectors. His vision, enhancing the built environment for a more sustainable future, has become a core bedrock of the company culture.

Jim has worked in energy for over ten years, with over 9 years of energy efficiency work. During that time he has become certified as a LEED for Homes Green Rater, a Certified Passive House Consultant, a HERS Rater, a HERS QAD rater, a PHIUS+ Rater, a BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope Professional, and Energy Auditor trainer.

Jim grew up in Chicago and earned a degree in Biology (Ecosystem Management and Conservation Biology concentration). Jim instituted the volunteer program at our company, and is passionate about local non-profit work. In addition to making contributions to local animal shelters, he rescued his Border-Collie mix, Gaia, from the Washington Animal Rescue League. Gaia is also our unofficial office mascot.

Ethan Balis

Ethan began working for Elysian Energy as an intern in 2008 while finishing his MBA at the George Washington University. Upon graduating in 2009 he accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer.

Ethan has a passion for efficiency. Ultimately, there are no losers in energy efficiency. Increased energy efficiency helps a building owner save money, benefits the environment, improves the economy, and provides jobs to thousands if not millions of people.

Ethan earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Thought & Analysis and Jewish & Near Eastern Studies with a music minor from Washington University in St. Louis. His MBA from GWU focused on Environmental Strategic Management. Ethan is also a musician and award-winning a cappella arranger.

Sunita Pathik

Sunita has been working for Elysian Energy since 2011. As the Contracting Program Manager, she oversees the ins and outs of logistics, customer care, and coordination of Elysian Energy’s Weatherization work.  Sunita is our main point of contact with partners, non-profit organizations, and state government entities. She has a BPI Building Analyst Certification.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Policy and International Studies from McDaniel College, Sunita joined Elysian Energy’s team as an Administrative Programs Assistant.  Since her start, she has taken on a array of roles with the company, including volunteer coordinator, recycling guru, and compost commander. While not at work she can be found fiddling with her violin, home brewing beer, and traveling to new places.

Megan Murray

Megan has worked for Elysian Energy since 2012. As the Audit Program Manager, she oversees the work of Elysian Energy’s auditors.  Megan is our main point of contact with local utilities and state-wide program implementers.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation Studies with a minor in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire, Megan joined Elysian Energy’s team as an Administrative Programs Assistant and has performed a variety of roles with the company since. Outside of work, Megan likes international travel and playing soccer, and she dreams of owning pygmy goats.