Volunteer Program 2013

With winter upon us, Elysian Energy’s yearly volunteer program is coming to an end. The program will begin anew in the Spring of 2014. In the mean time, I want to take a look back at what an amazing year it has been!

Each year between May and November our employees are given 3 paid days to volunteer with one of our non-profit partners. In 2013 we donated over 500 person hours to Friends of Sligo Creek, Blue Water Baltimore, Sandtown Habitat for Humanity, and Clagett Farm!

We also spent an afternoon with Friends of Sligo Creek for our all staff volunteer day. We pulled invasive species including Mile-a-Minute, Bush Honeysuckle and English Ivy. We learned about the decline of the monarch butterflies and how we can help (hint, plant milkweed in your yard) as well as the importance of helping native species thrive.

As Elysian’s volunteer program coordinator it has been extremely rewarding to see this program grow from just an idea two years ago. We now have strong partnerships with four fantastic organizations. I’ve heard tales of wildlife sightings, ominous thunderstorms, and amazing experiences with the dedicated staff and volunteers of our partner organizations. To me it is extremely important for our company to connect with and give back to our local community. I am so proud of our volunteer program!

-Sunita Pathik, Volunteer Program Coordinator & Contracting Program Coordinator

Volunteering at Clagett Farm

Multifamily Site Supervisor Holly Dalton carries fresh garlic to storage at Clagett Farm.

Friends of Sligo Creek - Volunteer Day

Energy Auditor Nick Kruse shows off the mile-a-minute he removed with Friends of Sligo Creek.

Volunteer Day - Friends of Sligo Creek

Elysian Energy Volunteers after our all staff volunteer day with Friends of Sligo Creek