Reduce Water Usage This Summer: Infographic

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has put together a fantastic infographic that highlights some of the ways homeowners can save water this summer. Some of the most surprising facts are that homeowners use 30-60% of their water outdoors and that 50% of that is wasted due to overwatering (mostly for landscape irrigation). Because households use 29 billion gallons of water daily, that amounts to 4.35 to 8.7 billion gallons of wasted water each day!

So what does the EPA recommend?

  1. Step on the lawn: if your grass springs back, it doesn’t need water.

  2. Leave your grass longer: longer grass is more drought-resistant, reduces evaporation, allows for fewer weeds, and saves on energy costs for mowing the lawn.

  3. Water your lawn less frequently: grass naturally turns a bit duller and browner during the summer. Maintaining a bright green grass is bad for the plant and for your water bills!

  4. Use an efficient irrigation system. Water in the early morning or evening to avoid daytime evaporation.

  5. Use WaterSense labeled controllers, which act like programmable thermostats for your lawn. This measure can save 15% or 8,800 gallons of water per year.

  6. Use a professional to help audit your irrigation system and maximize efficiency.

  7. Fix leaks and broken water systems

Little improvements can go a long way to improving your family’s water-efficiency.

WaterSense's Save Water Summer Infographic