New Training Center

BPI Training and Exam Center

We are excited to announce that we opened our new BPI Certification and Exam Center in Silver Spring this week. The row-house facility is one of only five Building Performance Institute (BPI) Testing Centers in the state of Maryland. The training center will begin courses later this month, with two courses for BPI Building Analyst certification. We plan on training over 150 BPI Professionals per year through one-week classes in BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional certifications.

We decided to develop the facility after years of conducting training and testing in our offices in Silver Spring. We realized that other businesses and professionals were also looking for places to train and test their building science acumen.

“There is a real need for better, real world experience in building science training. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources in Maryland that address training needs. With our new training center we hope to improve the quality and professionalism of building scientists in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas,” -Jim Conlon, our Owner

Our objective is to contribute to improved energy efficiency practices and a ‘whole-house’ approach through high-quality training, which will ultimately support sustainable development growth and energy-efficiency in the Mid-Atlantic region.The new building doubles as a classroom and as a real-world testing house, so students can use the equipment they learn about during training. “We think there’s tremendous benefit in being able to use the equipment during class, seeing the theory and the real-world practice side-by-side,” said Ruth Ann Scoles, Training Coordinator at Elysian Energy. “We’re working with the Building Performance Institute to provide the highest quality training and proctoring to our students,” said Ms. Scoles.

We’ll have pictures of the training facility soon, and we’ll definitely keep you posted as our classes start later this month! In the mean time, check out a photo from the outside.