The 9th Annual Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conference

Smart and Sustainable Campus Conference

The 9th Annual Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference is quickly approaching. The conference is aimed at empowering college campuses across the country to be leaders and innovators in sustainability. The event includes expert speakers, workshops, tours, and plenty of time for networking.

This year’s speakers will include Frances Moore Lappé, the bestselling author of EcoMind; Mark Mykelby, who works on sustainability and national strategy at the New America Foundation; and, Cecilia Estolano, a leader in sustainable urban redevelopment.

Some of our favorite highlights include the conference being carbon neutral by offsetting the event’s emissions through a partnership with Washington Gas Energy Services.

As leaders in the energy efficiency industry, we’re especially looking forward to the tour of Johns Hopkins University’s newly built Undergraduate Teaching Lab.  The lab was built to

Smart and Sustainable CampusLEED standards, but the design goes beyond your typical energy saving techniques.  From exhaust fans that recycle heat to energy efficient fume hoods, energy conservation has been incorporated into the function and use of the lab.  This immersive implementation has paid off; the lab saves 40% of the energy it would otherwise use!

But beyond things related to Elysian’s niche in energy efficiency, we’re also just excited about the wide range of topics that will be covered.  Representatives from campuses across the country will be discussing issues from sustainability in the classroom todealing with e-waste on a college campus.

If you’re interested in attending, registration is open through Sunday February 23rd.

For the most up to date information, follow the conference @SmartandSustain.