ENERGY STAR Home in Utah Achieves “Net-Zero” Status

ENERGY STAR Net-zero home

The first climate 5 net-zero smart home to achieve a HERS rating of 0 (zero) was announced last week. The home is located in Herriman, Utah, and is one of the first production homes in the United States that can generate as much energy as it consumes.

“Net-zero” means the home creates as much energy as it uses. To achieve such a high degree of efficiency, the home uses air-tight sealing and insulation to minimize energy usage. The home is three stories, and has five bedrooms. The home-builder, Garbett homes, also included double-paned windows filled with argon gas and special frames that ensure almost no air leakage. To bring fresh air into the home there is an air-exchange unit that heats or cools the new air.

Still, the home does use some energy. To bring energy usage to zero, the home incorporates solar-heated water tanks and solar power.

The Salt Lake Tribune has a great article on the home (with photos) that you can see here.