Change your behavior and lower your energy bill

O Power co-founder Alex Laskey gave a brilliant TED talk in June of this year on the behavioral changes that people can make to lower their energy usage. Regular readers of this blog know that you can achieve huge reductions (10-40%) through energy-efficient installations and home improvements like CFL lighting and attic insulation. What you may not know is that by just altering your behavior you can save 20%-plus percent on your energy usage each month. O-Power’s software helps homeowners do just that, giving homeowners tools to understand how their power is being used and giving them tips to improve on their behavior each month.

Amazingly, O-Power estimates their software and services will help homeowners save over 2 TWh (Terra Watt Hours) in 2013. That is a lot of savings. As Mr. Laskey says during the video, that’s enough energy to power every home in St. Louis and Salt Lake City every day for a year.