BPI Envelope Pro

BPI Envelope Professional

The BPI Envelope Professional course builds upon the BPI Building Analyst course to provide a better understanding of the building diagnostic process. We cover problems related to building shell including moisture, ice dams, mildew, and drafts, including diagnosis and solutions. Upon completion, you will be prepared for the BPI Envelope Professional Certification Exams. Plus, take the written test and field exam at no extra cost!

We are not offering any classes at this time.

Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Combo training is only $2650.

Building Envelope Comprehensive 5-day Course (In-Person) – $1,950

Your BPI training will take place in our practice facility, giving you the hands-on experience critical to passing the practical and written exams. BPI Envelope Professional’s must have BPI Building Analyst training or sign up for our BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Combo Course.

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Course Topics

  • Overall Health and Safety

    • Structure, moisture, indoor air quality issues

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

  • Combustion Safety Testing

    • Spillage, Draft, and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing and Gas Leak Detection

  • Infiltration Evaluation (Pressure Boundaries)

    • Blower Door Test and Concepts

    • Zone Testing

    • Pressure Pan Testing

    • Duct Leakage Testing

  • Advanced Air Sealing Concepts and Techniques

  • Duct Sealing

  • Advanced Insulation Concepts and Techniques

  • Advanced Problems: Ice Damming, Mold, Thermal By-Passes

  • “Test Out” Steps Considering Whole House as a System

    • Recommendations for further testing and analysis

Written and Field Tests

If you need recertification or if you’ve already taken a course and need a proctor, we can proctor written and field exams.  Our experienced training staff will ensure you are ready for your Envelope Professional field exam.

  • BPI Building Envelope Professional written exams – $350 (included in our training)

  • BPI Building Envelope Professional field exam – $500 (included in our training)

  • We provide the testing space and equipment at no extra charge.

  • Scheduling exams:

    • For the BPI Building Analyst Training and the 8-Day Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Training, the written exam will take place during the last day or two of your scheduled training.

    • For all other exams our Training Coordinator, Angel Brown, will work with you to schedule your exam(s) for a time that is convenient for you. You can reach Angel by phone at 240-393-4004.

  • Military Veterans are eligible to obtain BPI testing and certification as part of their GI Bill. See GI Bill: Benefits for BPI Testing for more information.

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