COVID Safety

Due to COVID-19, Elysian Energy has created a new protocol for scheduling, organizing, and performing appointments for our customers. We will prepare customers and perform our services in a way that will greatly reduce possible risk of COVID-19 spreading to or from our employees and our customers. Elysian Energy is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and customers.

In-Home Safety Precautions

Our Field Technicians will take the following steps while in your home:

  • Wear respirators or two layers of masks at all times
  • Maintain a distance of ten feet from the customer whenever possible
  • Wear shoe coverings when in the home
  • Have at their disposal a full kit of Personal Protective Equipment, including spare masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing sprays and wipes, and tyvek suits
  • Log their own temperature check every morning (a temperature of more than 99.5 °F or higher requires the field technician to cancel the appointment)

We require customers take the following steps while our Field Technicians are in your home:

  • Prior to your appointment, please report to our scheduler any possible symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19
  • Prior to your appointment, you will be required to read and sign Elysian’s COVID-19 waiver that outlines the steps we are taking and expectations of our customers to keep everyone safe
  • Our Field Technicians will take the temperature of the home’s occupants at the start of the home visit
  • Wear a mask when the Field Technician is near
  • Reduce the occupants in the home to only the essential people during the time of the appointment (i.e. no guests during the appointment)
  • When payment is required, we are not accepting cash at this time

After our home visit:

  • The Field Technician will wipe down all equipment that was used in the home
  • The Field Technician will use hand sanitizer or wash hands immediately

Additional Steps

In addition to the appointment-related precautions, Elysian Energy also has implemented the following policies:

  • After traveling outside of the DC and Baltimore regions, our Field Technicians are required to be tested for COVID-19 with negative results before returning to the field
  • Our Office Staff are working from home and we are employing strict scheduling for supply pick-ups at our office to ensure the minimum number of people in our office at the same time.